Five Score Divided by Four
Five Score Divided by Four
Five Score Divided by Four
Five Score Divided by Four
Featuring horse on horse action
Five Score Divided by Four
Five Score Divided by Four

Five Score Divided by Four

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It's our great pleasure to feature Five Score Divided by Four!

We really enjoyed reading this story, and when Nonexistent Publications was considering printing it, we were excited at the opportunity to collaborate across borders, and help make this truly fantastic story available and accessible to a broader audience.

Five Score follows a group of human friends as they wake up one day with cutie marks on their legs, and start to see other changes. They must work together to overcome adversity and unravel the mystery of their new circumstances.
Frankly we were incredibly leery of the premise, involving humans and the transformation aspect. But the author does an absolutely fantastic job tying everything together into a compelling story. Without too many spoilers, the plot elements feel natural and very in character. Do note, this is the mature version of the story, and contains scenes which are very much not suitable for younger readers.

Each book features the complete story with 42 original illustrations throughout. Captured in a beautiful hardbound case, with a foil-stamped cloth cover, a matching dust jacket, and a golden ribbon bookmark. Inside are 730 pages on approximately 50# smooth white paper that helps showcase the art.

B-Stock copies are discounted, as they did not meet our usual quality control. Some may have a repaired binding, where the archival quality cloth tape is visible in the gutter between the endsheet and the first page. Other books may a have damaged, torn, or missing dust jacket.


Other notes:

  • If you'd like a taste of the story, it is available online via FimFiction.
  • To be blunt there are extremely explicit sections in this story; this book is not suitable for minors under 18.
  • We have heard reports of the manufacturing methods used for this book resulting in a weaker than expected binding. Please be more careful than usual with this printing.
  • The country of origin for this book is Russia. Please be aware of your country's customs rules and regulations prior to ordering.