Welcome! Read This!

Hey everyone,

I'm proud to formally launch the Æ store! Primarily brought forth by the need to streamline sales of the Black Book edition of Fallout Equestria, we've also decided to use this opportunity to make available the backstock from our previous printings and ‘book accessories’ such as replacement dust jackets for a few of our printings. 

There's a few details you should know before ordering: 

Shipping Timeline: 

Initially orders will be processed as batches. This means your order will not ship until later in September. Why? Because we're processing this in lockstep with the reserve list, which also is managed by batches. Future orders we'll be able to ship out on a more normal timeline, but this gives us a chance to iron out any bugs with the store, the shipping process, and all the logistics involved in using a new platform. 

Fallout Equestria – 4th Edition Books:

The 4th edition books are currently marked as ‘sold out’ because people who signed up on the reserve list have first dibs on the extra books. If we still have books left over after processing the reserve list, we will open up sales here.