I would just like to thank everyone who ordered books through the store over the past month or so since we launched! We knew it would be a bit of a learning opportunity as we worked to smooth out all the different steps in the process. It took a little bit longer than expected, but thankfully we got everything worked out. 

The store exists to streamline sales of the Black Book edition of Fallout Equestria, and to make available the backstock from our previous printings. As well as offering some 'book accessories' like replacement dust jackets from a few of our printings. We don't see our usual print process changing. But this way if someone missed one of our earlier printings, they still have an opportunity to pick up a copy of the book(s), while still supporting the project. 

Shipping Timeline:

Straight book orders, like for the 4th Edition Fallout Equestria, Murky Number Seven, and Duck and Cover, should be down to a day or two processing time before being shipped. The Black Books take a bit longer to process, but usually ship out within a week. And we should finally have the automatic emails nailed down so you get your tracking number as soon as your book ships. 

Now in stock:

Also I would like to announce, now that the Reserve List has been processed, Fallout Equestria 4th Edition books are now in stock!

That's all for now! Cheers!